Beyond The Trophy 2020: Get to know NC State Chapter Vice President and tight end Dylan Autenrieth

Each week during the college football season we will feature a player who is an officer for an Uplifting Athletes Chapter for our Beyond the Trophy series.

Name: Dylan Autenrieth

College: NC State

Height, weight, class, position: 6-4, 240-pound, senior, tight end

High School: North Paulding HS in Dallas, Georgia

About Dylan: Dylan Autentrieth has been a driving force behind the success of the NC State Chapter for three years. He has helped organize and participated in three Lift for Life events and has attended the Leadership Development Conference twice. Dylan is passionate about servicing the Rare Disease Community and feels his work is making a difference. After two seasons as a situational tight end for the Wolfpack, the Georgia native had moved up the depth chart and was named the starting tight end and team captain for the 2019 season before he went down with a knee injury after only three games that ended his year. He has been a regular at tight end for the Wolfpack in 2020.

What is your most memorable experience as a college football player?

AUTENRIETH: Running out of the tunnel for the first time.

What drove you to get involved with Uplifting Athletes?

AUTENRIETH: I heard about the cause through our own events, and when I was asked to be chapter Vice President I could not resist.

What have you learned from your experience with Uplifting Athletes?

AUTENRIETH: Just how tough the Rare Disease Community is, not only for the ones diagnosed but for the families as well.

What advice would you share with someone in high school looking to play college football?

AUTENRIETH: Just be yourself, don’t lie to fit in just be yourself. 

Who is your favorite NFL player and why?

AUTENRIETH: Tom Brady. Just the way he competes is inspiring.

If you could have lunch with any one person (dead or alive), who would you choose and why?

AUTENRIETH: New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick. An inspiring coach, I would love to pick his brain.


What is your perfect pizza?

AUTENRIETH: Meatlovers

All time favorite movie?

AUTENRIETH: Law-Abiding Citizen

What is your go-to fast food restaurant?


Favorite sports team (any sport)?

AUTENRIETH: New York Football Giants

What is the most used app on your phone?


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