Clemson Chapter leader and offensive lineman Patrick Godfrey kicks off 2018 Beyond The Trophy series

GODFREYEach week during the college football season we will feature a player who is an officer for an Uplifting Athletes Chapter for our Beyond the Trophy series.

Name: Patrick Godfrey

College: Clemson University

Height, weight, class, position: 6-2, 270-pound senior offensive lineman

High School: Harborfields HS in Greenlawn, N.Y.

About Godfrey: The native of New York had a preferred walk-on offer from Stony Brook University and other FCS schools were interested in the offensive lineman. Godfrey wanted something different, though. He wanted the big-time college football experience of the Deep South and chose to Clemson a shot. He was accepted, tried out for the team and made it as a walk-on. Prior to the 2017 season Godfrey was awarded a scholarship by head coach Dabo Swinney. … He graduated with an economics degree in less than three years and is a graduate student. … Godfrey has appeared in 16 games for the Tigers heading into this season with more than 60 snaps to his credit. Last year he appeared in 13 games for Clemson.

What is your most memorable experience as a college football player?

Godfrey: My most memorable experience as a college football player was running down the hill against Notre Dame. I grew up a die-hard Irish fan, and it was only my second time ever running down the hill. Add to that the hurricane conditions and massive stakes of the contest, and you have a truly unforgettable moment.

What drove you to get involved with Uplifting Athletes?

Godfrey: My best friend was already involved. I saw the profound impact his work with the Rare Disease community had on him and I wanted in.

What have you learned from your experience with Uplifting Athletes?

Godfrey: I’ve learned that as Division 1 athletes we have an incredible platform, and that the best thing to do with that is to look out for those who might not have a big voice for themselves. The Rare Disease Community needs more advocates, and I’m happy to join the fight.

As a player, what is your favorite part of the game day experience at your home stadium?

Godfrey: Running down the hill. It really is the “most exciting 25 seconds in college football.”

Who is your favorite NFL player and why?

Godfrey: My favorite NFL player is Peyton Manning. His incredible work ethic was always something that I admired- I try to go above and beyond in whatever I do in the same manner he did with film study.

If you could have lunch with any one person (dead or alive), who would you choose and why?

Godfrey: I would have lunch with Ronald Reagan. I’m an economics guy and I loved his fiscal platform.

What is your favorite road stadium you ever played in and why?

Godfrey: Virginia Tech- that place was absolutely wild. The whole stadium shook for Enter Sandman and those fans berated us start to finish.

2017 video of Godfrey sharing the story of receiving his scholarship


What is your perfect pizza?

Godfrey: Little Vincent’s Cold Cheese in Huntington, NY.

 Last 3 songs you added to your playlist?

Godfrey: All Bob Seger: Night Moves, Mainstreet and Old Time Rock n’ Roll.

 What is your go-to fast food restaurant?

Godfrey: Wendy’s 4 for 4- great deal, great food.

 Favorite sports team (any sport)?

Godfrey: The New York Football Giants.

 What is the most used app on your phone?

Godfrey: Instagram. I’m addicted to checking my newsfeed.

No. 1 goal for yourself in 5 years?

Godfrey: Become the family man that my Father is, by keeping God first.

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