2018 Uplifting Athletes Young Investigator Draft at Lincoln Financial Field is on the clock

CSL BEHRING YID 18 GRAPHICUplifting Athletes is set to host its inaugural Young Investigator Draft presented by CSL Behring this Saturday, August 18, from 6-9 p.m. at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

The Young Investigator Draft, tying the theme of the NFL Draft and Rare Disease Research together, is the result of Uplifting Athletes’ ongoing commitment to cultivate resources that accelerate scientific advancements for rare disease treatments and potential cures while facilitating the next generation of rare disease researchers.

Uplifting Athletes is proud to have the support of global biotechnology leader CSL Behring as our title sponsor.

Saturday night inside the home of the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles, Uplifting Athletes will award six individual $10,000 grants to five Young Investigators and a mentor who pursue rare disease research in these five different areas: rare cancers, rare autoimmune and immunological disorders, rare blood disorders, rare genetic disorders and rare muscular and neurological disorders.

The Young Investigator Draft grants are intended to inspire collaborative and translational research that will benefit the entire Rare Disease Community. The Young Investigator Draft stage will provide a platform for these young scientists to educate and inspire the audience by sharing their research along with its impact on the Rare Disease Community.

Jordan Culbreath is a former Princeton running diagnosed with the rare blood disorder aplastic anemia in 2009. The 2011 Uplifting Athletes Rare Disease Champion will serve at the Keynote Speaker for the evening.

Meet and learn a little about the people that comprise the 2018 Uplifting Athletes Young Investigator Draft class.

Dr. David Fajgenbaum, rare autoimmune and immunological disorders

Dr. Emily Lowry, rare muscular and neurological disorders

Dr. Alessia Stornetta, rare blood disorders

Dr. Angela Waanders, rare cancers

Dr. Aimee Layton, rare genetic disorders



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