Illinois Chapter Touchdown Pledge Drive Friday night against Big Ten opponent Nebraska

ILLINOIS TDPD 17 GRAPHICThe Illinois Chapter of Uplifting Athletes, led by President Nick Allegretti, is counting on the Fighting Illini offense to put a few touchdowns on the board Firday, September 29 for its 2017 Touchdown Pledge Drive to support the rare disease community.

Uplifting Athletes chapters are run by football student-athletes. So, for fans, this is a great way to support the players on your favorite team off the field in their efforts to use the power of sport for social good.

The leadership team of the Illinois Chapter and all the members of the 2017 Fighting Illini squad is asking fans to support their efforts when Illinois welcomes Nebraska to Memorial Stadium by making a pledge through the Illinois Chapter online Touchdown Pledge Drive site.

Fans can simply make a pledge for each touchdown the Fighting Illini score that day and they can follow along to see the impact they are helping the players make.

The proceeds from our 2017 Touchdown Pledge Drive support the mission of Uplifting Athletes and its charitable programs: Rare Disease Awareness, Rare Disease Research, Uplifting Experiences and Uplifting Leaders.

The challenges faced by the rare disease community are bigger than any one individual, team or organization can tackle alone. The grassroots effort of the Illinois Chapter, along with a nationwide network of teams, is uniquely positioned to educate and engage the local community and shine a spotlight on rare diseases.

The Illinois Chapter serves the rare disease community in honor of Andrew Carter, a former Illini offensive lineman who battled the rare disease acoustic neuroma starting in 2011. Carter is a rare disease survivor but never played football again. He is, though, still a strong supporter of the Illinois Chapter.

Support the Illinois Chapter and its efforts to make a difference in the rare disease community by signing up for its Touchdown Pledge Drive today!


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