Illinois Chapter Lift For Life set for July 1 inside Memorial Stadium


Each Uplifting Athletes Lift For Life event put on by one of our Chapters has its own unique touch.

The Illinois Chapter has established a tradition of being one of the more unique teams when it comes to attire, team names and overall theme for its event.

And this year will be no different.

The Illinois Chapter of Uplifting Athletes will hold its annual Lift For Life event on Friday, July 1 inside Memorial Stadium.

Lift For Life is the signature fundraising event for the Uplifting Athletes nationwide network of college football student-athlete led chapters.

The Illini Chapter will continue its mission of using college football as a platform to inspire the rare disease community with hope through the power of sport. This will be the fifth Illinois Chapter Lift For Life as part of Uplifting Athletes.

Fans are encouraged to come out and support the 2016 Illini football team as they help bring the vision of Uplifting Athletes to life; which is to empower people to take action against rare diseases and inspires the medical community to find cures.

One of the more colorful Uplifting Athletes Lift for Life events, the Illinois Chapter will continue its tradition of dividing the Lift For Life competition and fundraising into eight teams.

In order to support the Illinois Chapter and help the Illini reach their $20,000 Lift For Life goal, visit the Illinois Chapter fundraising site. To find your favorite Illini player and support his team, click one of the eight teams set up on the Illini fundraising site.

The challenges faced by the rare disease community are bigger than any one individual, team or organization can tackle alone. The grassroots effort of the Illinois Chapter, along with a nationwide network of teams, is uniquely positioned to educate and engage the local community and shine a spotlight on rare diseases.

The Illinois Chapter started tackling rare diseases in 2012 when it joined Uplifting Athletes. The student-athlete led Illinois Chapter serves the rare disease community in honor of Andrew Carter, a former Illini offensive lineman who battled the rare disease acoustic neuroma in 2011.

Carter is a rare disease survivor but never played football again. He is, though, still a strong supporter of the Illinois Chapter. Each summer since leaving campus, Carter returns to Champaign for the Illinois Lift For Life event.

Please consider helping the Illinois Chapter of Uplifting Athletes tackle rare diseases.




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