On The Road: Princeton Chapter 2016 Lift For Life Recap

PRINCETON LIFT 1When it comes to spring weather in the mid-Atlantic, flexibility is the best policy to ensure success for a scheduled outdoor event.

The Princeton Chapter had a great plan to hold its annual Lift For Life last Thursday on Frist Lawn in the middle of campus at 2:30 in the afternoon. There’s plenty of student foot traffic during that time, and would have added another level of exposure for the Uplifting Athletes Chapter to its peers.

But a steady afternoon rain forced Princeton Chapter President John Hummel to call an audible and move the Lift For Life indoors to the Tigers weight room under the football stadium.

“It was a tough call because it’s good exposure for us doing the lift on Frist Lawn,” said Hummel, a junior defensive lineman from suburban St. Louis. “The guys still got after it, though, and there was plenty of energy and competition. It was still a great event.”

Lift For Life is the signature fundraising event for the Uplifting Athletes nationwide network of college football student-athlete led chapters.

The Princeton Chapter continued its mission of using college football as a platform to inspire the rare disease community with hope through the power of sport. This was the fifth Lift For Life for the Princeton Chapter, and it raised more than $13,400 for Uplifting Athletes in support of the rare disease community.

“Our story is all about a former teammate here at Princeton fighting his rare disease and coming back to play football,” Hummel said. “This is personal for us, but we are proud to be part of the Uplifting Athletes team and helping to support the mission and all rare diseases.”

Photo Gallery: 2016 Princeton Lift For Life

The Princeton Lift For Life is also a competitive event. The Tigers held a draft to select teams and competed in three events – max bench press repetitions, number of tire flips and average height of box jumps.

Three separate groups came through the weight room and competed as part of the team, bringing plenty of energy and high-fives plus there was always an eye on the TV high on the wall that featured the live scoreboard and updated numbers.

Team No. 8, comprised of Deion King, Kurt Holuba, Alex Parkinson, Dominique Summerville, Hashim Moore, Scott Carpenter, Spencer Cotten, Teddy Graves, Jack Corso, Markus Phox and Benjamin Ellis, came out on top with 22 total points.

They finished first overall in two of the three events by averaging 49.3 inches on the box jumps and churning out 103 total tire flips. Team No. 8 was second in bench press reps with 18.5 – only two-tenths behind the bench winner, Team No. 1.

Uplifting Athletes would like to thank the student-athlete leadership team of the Princeton Chapter and all the Tigers fans who supported the 2016 Lift For Life.


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