On The Road: St. Francis Chapter 2016 Lift For Life Recap

SFU LIFT 1What started out as a chilly and overcast Saturday morning turned into a sun-splashed afternoon for the fourth annual St. Francis Chapter of Uplifting Athletes Lift For Life.

For its 2016 event, St. Francis added a 5K event as part of its Lift For Life in support of the rare disease community through Uplifting Athletes.

Nearly 40 runners participated in the 5K, which started and finished right next to the carnival being put on by the St. Francis Student Government Association, with runners and walkers all finishing before the 1 p.m. Lift For Life event kicked off at DeGol Field.

“Being a small school, growing Uplifting Athletes at St. Francis takes a lot of work. But it’s a great cause and we get to support our former teammate and rare diseases,” said Red Flash center Jimmy Marks, the St. Francis Chapter President.

“I thought it went well today for the 5K being a first-time event. The Lift For Life is always a great event for the team. Doing our part to help others as individuals and a team is important.”


Lift For Life is the signature fundraising event for the Uplifting Athletes nationwide network of college football student-athlete led chapters.

Members of the 2016 St. Francis football team participated in the truck push, fireman’s carry, tire flip, sled push, bench press and tug-of-war in an offense vs. defense competition during the Lift For Life event.

The St. Francis Chapter continued its mission of using college football as a platform to inspire the rare disease community with hope through the power of sport by raising more than $3,200 through its Lift For Life.

Uplifting Athletes would like to thank the student-athlete leadership team of the St. Francis Chapter and all the Red Flash fans who supported the 2016 Lift For Life and 5K.



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