Beyond The Trophy: Andrew Zeller, University of Maryland

Maryland v Virginia

Name: Andrew Zeller

College: University of Maryland

Height, weight, class, position: 6-5, 315 pounds, senior, OG

High School: Red Lion HS, Red Lion, Pa.

About Andrew Zeller: A steady presence on the Terrapins offensive line since he appeared in 13 games as a redshirt sophomore in 2013 including starting the final three at right guard. Zeller started all 13 games at right guard last season. The President of the Maryland Chapter of Uplifting Athletes has started all seven games in 2015 and is a leader both on and off the field. Zeller was an Academic All-Big Ten selection last year and prior to the 2014 season he interned with the U.S. Marshalls Service.

As a player, what is your favorite part of the game day experience at your home stadium?

ZELLER: My Favorite game day experience is running out of the tunnel and seeing all the fans. Whether it’s our home fans cheering us on or the other team’s fans booing you there are not enough words to describe that feeling.

What drove you to get involved with Uplifting Athletes, and what, if anything, has this experience done for you?

ZELLER: I have always been involved with the community and when I came to Maryland I saw some of the great things that our former presidents had done and that’s when I knew I would be a perfect fit to help out with our chapter. Uplifting Athletes has just proven to me time and time again that the leverage you have as an athlete and the star of you community can be used in many ways that can benefit the community tremendously, and that is something I will never forget.

What is your most memorable experience as a college football player?

ZELLER: As a student-athlete at The University of Maryland there are many experiences that I will never forget. If I were to choose one it would be my first game as a part of the team. We played our opening game under the lights on Labor Day against Miami in 2011. We unveiled our new Maryland Pride uniforms and came away with a huge win.

What is the toughest team you’ve faced or regularly play, and what makes them so difficult?

ZELLER: Since I was able to play in two conferences as a Maryland player in the Big Ten and the ACC, two teams come to mind. Florida State and Ohio State. These two teams are very competitive teams, are well coached and have premier talent for players. It is what makes them so difficult. I played against both of these teams in years they won the National Championship.

What is your chosen major, and what if anything have you used from that major as a contribution to your Uplifting Athletes Chapter?

ZELLER: As a Criminal Justice undergraduate major and a masters in Supply Chain Management Major there are several overlapping characteristics I have been able to connect my education to my position in the Maryland Chapter of Uplifting Athletes. The biggest connection is Leadership. In both of these career fields I will be looked at to make decisions that will impact the lives of many people. Law enforcement is a career where you are looked to as a leader throughout the community. In a career within SCM decisions will have to be made that can impact the longevity and success of the company. Some people may look at these career paths as stressful but I see them as opportunities on a path to success and that is exactly how I approached my position with Uplifting Athletes. The tasks that I was responsible for were not to benefit me personally they were for the benefit for others, specifically people with the rare disease cystic fibrosis. All of the tasks that I performed were for the betterment of other people which encouraged me to be the best that I can be. This is a characteristic that I will continue to follow in whichever career path I choose.

Besides one of your teammates, name a college football player you enjoy watching?

ZELLER: I don’t really watch a lot of college football games on TV. I stick with watching the team I am preparing for in the upcoming week.

Who is your favorite NFL player and why?

ZELLER: Peyton Manning is one of the NFL players that I would consider a favorite. He is a great role model and a student of the game even though he is a seasoned veteran and I respect the fact that he still looks to improve his abilities every day.

What is your favorite road stadium to play in and why?

ZELLER: Wisconsin because they have a great fan base full of down to earth people which provided an electric atmosphere to play in.

 In your words, what are some of the things you are looking for in life after football?

ZELLER: In life after football I would like to continue giving back to the community. I believe that it is something special when you can lend a helping hand to those in need because you never know when those people may be able to help you. Along with this I would like to pursue a career in federal law enforcement or a position within the supply chain of a company.

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