A message from outgoing Colgate Chapter President Jimmy DeCicco

I’d like to get you all caught up on the latest Colgate Football news, prior to the start of preseason camp on August 3rd.
Defensive captain Mike Armiento proudly told me that there are close to 40 players on campus right now. Each class is well represented and there is a healthy number of incoming freshmen getting acclimated with the lifestyle of college football. Mike said that freshman quarterback Brett Mooney has been impressing everybody. He is a tall, strong kid with a mind for football. I texted sophomore quarterback Jake Melville, who is at home working out and taking a summer class, to let him know that he’s going to have some competition. I am excited to see this QB battle unfold over the next few weeks.
In other news, I am proud to pass down the title of Uplifting Athletes President to junior wide receiver Brian Lalli. Lalli played a major role in UA over the last year and he certainly deserves this position. We will kickoff the 2014-2015 campaign this Tuesday July 29th, with our 7th annual Lift for Life. The boys will host a 225-pound bench press competition in the weight room. Anybody is welcome to attend and if you’re interested in donating to this year’s campaign please visit: http://give.upliftingathletes.org/events/colgate-lift-for-life-2014/e32200
It is with a heavy heart that I inform you all that you won’t be seeing number 5 on the field this fall. One month ago today, Mike and I were in a go-kart accident at my uncle’s home in Tarrytown, NY. Thankfully, we both walked away from the crash. Mike has fully recovered from a gash in his shin and I am on my way to a full recovery from a fractured C7 vertebrae in my neck. I am fully functional and will be fine in a few more weeks. Because it is my neck, the doctors are being very cautious, and understandably so. I intend on returning to full strength within the next few months, and upon doctors’ clearance, I will buckle that ‘gate onto my head again soon.
We have patiently waited and worked all year long for next Sunday. Football is back, ladies and gentlemen, and your 2014 Raiders are ready to show the country what we’re all about. Please stay tuned for my mid-camp update! Keep fighting the good fight. GATA!!
Go ‘Gate!
Jimmy DeCicco ’15

Colgate University Football

President Uplifting Athletes

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