End of Fall Camp Approaches at Colgate

I trust that you’ve been enjoying this gorgeous summer weather. The Gridiron Gods have rewarded us with sunny skies and temperatures in the 70’s for the majority of camp.

Your defending Patriot League Champions have been relentlessly grinding through Coach Biddle’s notoriously brutal Fall Camp. Like many great coaches, Biddle constantly emphasizes that championships are won in August, not November. These physically and mentally demanding days have taken a toll on our health and morale. So many players have gotten banged up that Coach Biddle actually gave us a day off from practice yesterday, which is unheard of from the head guy.

Despite battling through exhaustion and injuries, a lot of good things are starting to take shape out at Andy Kerr Stadium. Freshmen Linebacker Kyle Diener, Defensive Lineman Nathan Obinwa, Defensive Back Joe Figueroa and Wide Receiver John Maddaluna have grown up quickly and will help us defend our title this season. Our first class of scholarship players is full of talent and you should expect to see many new numbers contributing to our championship campaign.

Sophomore running back, Demetrius “Meach” Russell, has seemed to have emerged as the starter, although it has not been made official yet. The tailback competition has been neck-and-neck between Meach and fellow sophomore, James Travellin. Meach seems to have a better grasp for our offense than Travellin, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Travellin shares some carries early on in the year. Meach is 5’11” 195 pounds and is a shifty back with good vision. Meach isn’t as big or as strong as Jordan McCord was, but he is a couple steps faster. Meach has great patience and makes decisive cuts. He’s a tough kid and the coaches are confident that he can handle the demanding role of Colgate’s Tailback.

Our upper-classmen are polishing their skills as camp begins to wind down. Coaches have been giving less reps to starters in an attempt to get their legs back as we begin to prepare for Air Force. This is my third camp at Colgate, and I’m not making any predictions, but this is the best we have looked heading into preparation for our season opener. After a long winter conditioning, a frigid spring ball, a unique summer of training and a brutal fall camp we are eager to line up against some opposite colored jerseys. It should be another exciting year.

James Decicco Headshot

I will send a week one update toward the end of next week, once we have a game plan for The Falcons. In the mean time, please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions that you may have about the team or the program.

Enjoy what’s left of your summer. GATA!

Go ‘Gate!
Jimmy DeCicco ’15

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