Fall Camp Underway at Colgate

I hope this message finds you well. I apologize for the brief recess from updates. I spent my summer in Hamilton, interning with the athletic department and training with the team. We reported for Fall Camp this past Sunday, August, 4th.

This was my third summer living in Hamilton and it was easily the most unique. Former strength coach, Gabe Harrington, honorably left our program for personal reasons on June 30th. Due to NCAA regulations, we had the week of the 4th of July off, and workouts started up again on July 8th under the supervision of interim strength coach, LiAaron White.

Coach Li picked up where Coach Gabe left off. However, Li’s workouts pushed us farther out of our comfort zones than Gabe ever did, and the results were immediate. Two weeks after Coach Li took over, Coach Paul Helsel began shadowing our workouts. “Coach P” took over the following week as our permanent head strength coach.

Coach P has over 20 years of experience as a Division I strength coach, and comes to us from a five year tenure at Old Dominion University. Coach P continued with Coach Gabe’s training program because, as he put it, “the hay is in the barn.” It is clear that Coach P is a very intelligent coach, and I am excited for him to implement his own strength program.

With our third practice in the books (which was our first in shoulder pads), Fall Camp is officially under way. Our veteran players quickly shook off the rust and are looking like the defending Patriot League Champs. Our first class of scholarship freshmen are learning quickly, but it is still too early to tell which of them will contribute this fall.

Sophomore running backs James Travellin, John Wilkins and Demetrius Russel are all fighting for the starting job, which is wide open after the graduation of All-American tailback, Jordan McCord. Junior Spencer Wallach, and Sophomores John Weber and Zac Sawin are proving to be valid replacements on our offensive line. Patriot League Offensive Player of the Year, Gavin McCarney, is visibly making the rest of the offense grow up quickly. Expect another big year from number 7.

Senior safety Dimitri Diamond, junior cornerback Mike Armiento, and junior linebacker Kris Kent are emerging as the leaders of our defense. Kris was second on the team in tackles last season at a light 195 pounds; he showed up to camp at an athletic 212. Newcomer to the defensive line, senior Bobby Stup, has been causing problems in our backfield all week. In no pads, Bobby has a bit of an advantage over our offensive tackles, being that they have nothing to grab onto. If he keeps up his tenacious pass rush in live situations, expect to see him in our opponents’ backfields all fall.

Our first day of full pads is this Friday, followed by our first two-a-day on Saturday. I will send a more detailed update midway through camp as starters begin to emerge. We’ll see which freshmen shake out to be Colgate Raiders once we start bangin’ on Friday.

James Decicco Headshot

Enjoy what’s left of your summer. I’ll be in touch! G.A.T.A!!!

Go ‘Gate!!

Jimmy DeCicco ’15
Colgate University Football
President Uplifting Athletes
Vice President S.A.A.C.

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