2013 NFL Draft Recap

2013 NFL Draft RECAP:

Very proud to say that the 2012 Rare Disease Champion and eight other Uplifting Athletes were selected in the 2013 NFL Draft.  More are expected to sign as free agents this week.  Here is a summary from the NFL.com Draft Tracker:

2nd Round:

6(38) Chargers (From Cardinals) Te’o, Manti ILB 6’1″ 241 Notre Dame
19(51) Redskins Amerson, David CB 6’1″ 205 N.C. State

3rd Round:

11(73) Buccaneers Glennon, Mike QB 6’7″ 225 N.C. State
25(87) Seahawks Hill, Jordan DT 6’1″ 303 Penn St.

4th Round:

23(120) Vikings Hodges, Gerald OLB 6’1″ 243 Penn St.

6th Round:

18(186) Steelers Brown, Justin WR 6’3″ 209 Oklahoma
22(190) Bengals Burkhead, Rex RB 5’10” 214 Nebraska

7th Round:

7(213) Vikings (From Cardinals) Mauti, Michael ILB 6’2″ 243 Penn St.
18(224) Packers (From Cowboys through Dolphins) Dorsey, Kevin WR 6’3″ 210 Maryland


These student-athletes join 35 additional Uplifting Athletes “Lettermen” currently in the NFL who have either held  leadership positions or raised money for rare disease research through their university chapter.

Here is a quick breakdown: Boston College (5), Colgate (1), Maryland (2), NC State (1), Northwestern (2), Ohio State (5), Penn State (17) and Wisconsin (2).

There are hundreds more who have embarked on fulfilling careers outside of the NFL, too.  Uplifting Athletes has raised over $1.5 million to support rare disease research.

We are very lucky to work with so many talented yet selfless young men in the fight against rare diseases. Together…We Are…Stronger!

Please visit www.upliftingathletes.org to learn more and join our team!

2012 Rare Disease Champion Rex Burkhead

2012 Rare Disease Champion Rex Burkhead

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