Colgate Raiders break Life For Life record for dollars raised

Members of the Colgate football team worked hard to set a school Lift For Life fundraising record

Members of the Colgate football team worked hard to set a school Lift For Life fundraising record

We held our seventh annual Lift for Life last Wednesday in the Sanford Field House. The event was a huge success and I am proud to announce that we have raised a record breaking, $15,780 and counting.

This number is a testament to the passionate hard work that your Colgate Raiders have so diligently dedicated to this past school year’s campaign.

Our 2012-2013 campaign for Ependymoma research and awareness was highlighted by the Touchdown Drive this past fall semester, and the Lift for Life. Player’s spearheaded their “Player Pages” and brought in thousands of dollars, thanks to the generous support from family, friends, and alumni.

Last week’s Lift for Life featured a silent auction of autographed memorabilia, a four-team obstacle course relay race and a two-team tug of war. The obstacle course consisted of a truck pull, 225 pound bench press, 20 pull-ups, tire flip, run-the-loop, quick foot ladder, two-man wheel barrow run, 2×95 pound heavy bag farmer’s carry, and a touchdown pass from quarterbacks to receivers.

Each of the four teams had designated individual members to participate in each event. Team 1 defeated Team 2 and battled Team 3 (the winner of 3 vs. 4) for the championship. Team 1 came out victorious at a photo finish to an exciting competition.

We had a decent turnout, and the fans and players alike had a lot of fun. On behalf of the Colgate Football team I’d like to thank everybody who contributed in making this year’s Uplifting Athletes campaign a special one.

We have our work cut out for us next year as we will strive to continue making differences in the lives of those who are affected by rare diseases. G.A.T.A!


Jimmy DeCicco ’15

Colgate University

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