Beyond the Trophy – Week 4

Each week we will feature a college football player who is either a member or an officer in a Uplifting Athletes Chapter for our Beyond the Trophy series.


Name: Tim Dondanville

College: Princeton Tigers

Height, weight, class, position: 6-3, 195 pounds, senior, quarterback

High School: Sacred Heart-Griffin, Springfield, Illinois

About Tim Dondanville: A two-time state championship quarterback in high school, Dondanville is the president of the Uplifting Athletes Princeton Chapter. Twice honored as academic all-state selection in high school, Dondanville threw for nearly 5,000 yards and 58 touchdowns for Sacred Heart-Griffin.


As a player, what is your favorite part of game day you get to experience at your home stadium?

Dondanville: After a win, we sing the fight song in the locker room and count how many points we scored. It’s a fun tradition and a great way to cap victories.


What is your most memorable experience as a college football player?

Dondanville: My sophomore year, we beat Lafayette in overtime during a great night-game atmosphere. Our captain, Jordan Culbreath, scored the game-winning touchdown in his second game back from taking the previous year off due to illness. It was awesome to see Jordan’s hard work and perseverance pay off, and it was a huge win for us.


What drove you to get involved with Uplifting Athletes, and what if anything has this experience done for you?

Dondanville: I wanted to use my platform as a Princeton football player in any way that I could. When I saw how much of an impact that Uplifting Athletes made, I knew that I wanted to help out. This experience has given me the opportunity to work and bond with my teammates in an important way off of the field.


Facebook, Twitter or neither and why?

Dondanville: I used to have a Twitter, but I still have Facebook to keep up with friends from home.


What is the toughest team you’ve faced or regularly play and what makes them so difficult?

Dondanville: Penn is a tough team to play because they show a lot of different looks on defense.


What is your chosen major, and what if anything have you used from that major as a contribution to your Uplifting Athletes Chapter?

Dondanville: I am a history major, and the amount of time that I need to spend on research and readings has helped with Uplifting Athletes because of the attention to detail that I need to utilize in both.


Besides one of your teammates, name a college football player you enjoy watching?

Dondanville: I am a huge Notre Dame fan so I love watching Manti Teo. His passion and intensity really stand out, and he seems like a great leader.


Who is your favorite NFL player and why?

Dondanville: Even though he retired – who knows for how long – I always loved watching Brett Favre. I really enjoyed how he played like he was in the backyard, and that he never took a snap off.


What was or is the inspiration for the Rare Disease your Uplifting Athletes Chapter is raising money for to be part of the fight?

Dondanville: My freshman year, our captain, Jordan Culbreath, was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia and we all wanted to be there for him. We started our UA chapter to help raise awareness for a disease that hit so close to home.


What is your favorite road stadium to play in and why?

Dondanville: Yale has a great, old-school bowl stadium. You can really feel the history of the place when you’re in there.

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