Weekly Update from Colgate

Greetings from Sioux City, Iowa. The Colgate Raiders departed from Syracuse, NY this morning at 11am Eastern time and landed in Sioux City at 12pm Central time where we will steel ourselves for tomorrow’s battle versus the Coyotes of South Dakota.
We head into Saturday’s game coming off of a 40-23 loss to UAlbany last week. The score is a poor indicator of last week’s contest and we all felt that we could have won our season opener. We jumped ahead 10-0 in the first quarter on the Great Danes but we quickly lost momentum with a pair of blocked punts against us for scores. Albany sent a rush directly at our 3 man wedge and the same defensive linemen got through to block both kicks. We corrected our punt team error by moving some personnel  and it should not be an issue any longer. Other self-inflicted wounds included two lost fumbles, an interception in the redzone, and an offsides call on a made field goal which led to a missed second attempt. Despite beating ourselves, we showed a lot of promising potential in all aspects of the game. With last week’s contest behind us we seek our first victory of the season tomorrow in the Dakotadome.
South Dakota is also 0-1 losing to #10 Montana last week in a close game. It is clear from film that we will have our work cut out for us. They are a very big and physical team but have many weaknesses that we plan to exploit. Montana ran over 100 plays last week and compiled over 500 yards of offense versus the Coyotes of South Dakota. We intend to adopt Montana’s strategy this week by attacking the defense with a fast-paced no huddle approach featuring our inside zone read and variations of our bubble screen pass. I don’t know much about South Dakota’s offense other than they are big and run plays that we’ve seen before. Our secondary did a great job of locking up Albany’s receivers so if we stop the run this week we will be in good shape.
We are all fired up for the opportunity to play a team like South Dakota in an atmosphere such as the Dakotadome. We had a walk through earlier today at the dome and it is quite amazing. I will attach some pictures of the dome as well as pictures from last weeks Albany game as well. Your boys from Colgate plan to show these Midwesterners how we play ball in the Northeast.
Have a great weekend everybody! G.A.T.A.

James DeCicco is a sophomore at Colgate University and plays quarterback for the Colgate Raiders football team. He is a member for the Colgate chapter of Uplifting Athletes and a member of the Student Athletes Advisory Committee (SAAC).
Photo from last week’s game against Albany:

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