Senior Day at Colgate

This past weekend Colgate football had a bye week and took the extra time to rest and game plan for the Bucknell Bison.  Defensively, the Bison play in a 4-2 front and have eight men in the box for the majority of the game.  When they differentiate from their 4-2 front, the Bison blitz nearly seventy-five percent while utilizing their physical defensive line.  Upfront, their defensive tackle, Anthony De La Rosa is the best in the league.  He is physical, has a burst off the ball, and is an overall excellent player.  When the schedule came out early in the summer I was very excited to see that I will play the final game of my career against the best in the league.  The last two years have been a battle and I look forward to more of the same on Saturday.
Tomorrow I play my final game and it is amazing how fast these four years have passed.  In reflection, I can honestly say that on collegiate signing day placing a Colgate cap atop of my head and was the best decision I have made.  I will never forget the memories and thank all of those who have supported me through out my career.
I will write next week and let you know the outcome of Saturday’s game.  Have a great weekend.
All the best,

Kevin Morgan is a senior at Colgate University majoring in Political Science and plays center for the Colgate Raiders football team. He is currently the New Leadership Advisor for the Colgate chapter of Uplifting Athletes and is also a a two-term past president. He is also Delta Upsilon’s Philanthropy Chair and is a member of the Student Athletes Advisory Committee (SAAC).

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