Bouncing Back

Greetings from Colgate!

Last week, Colgate football fell to the Georgetown Hoyas in a pivotal Patriot League match up. The offense did not have an answer for the movement and scheme of their defensive line and our defense was placed in tough situations the entire game. Quarterback Gavin McCarney made his first start since separating his shoulder against Monmouth and was able to play for two and a half quarters.  As we fell behind early, our offense was forced to attempt more aggressive passing plays that Gavin’s arm was not ready to perform.  With Gavin out freshman quarterback Ryan Smith entered the game as things got out of hand.

This week, No. 6/7 Lehigh comes to Hamilton, NY to play in snow covered Andy Kerr Stadium. We are excited to play against such great competition and I believe we have a plan in place that will put our team in a great position to pull the upset. We will attempt to stretch them horizontally with a mid zone run game and then take advantage of their weaker defensive back field. After last season’s difficult loss at Lehigh we are eager to take the field Saturday at noon.

Lehigh has “Hate the ‘gate” week, Colgate football is ready to show that the feelings are more than mutual.

I hope you have a great weekend, and I look forward to writing you next week after an amazing win over Lehigh.

All the best,


Kevin Morgan is a senior at Colgate University majoring in Political Science and plays center for the Colgate Raiders football team. He is currently the New Leadership Advisor for the Colgate chapter of Uplifting Athletes and is also a a two-term past president. He is also Delta Upsilon’s Philanthropy Chair and is a member of the Student Athletes Advisory Committee (SAAC).

One thought on “Bouncing Back

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